Counseling is just asking for advice, guidance, direction, information; hints, recommendations, suggestions, guidelines, tips, pointers, or even warnings.  Speaking with a counselor doesn’t always mean something is broken or wrong. It can mean that you want a different perspective.

Discovering who you are and who you have been designed to be is the greatest adventure you will ever experience.  Starfish Adventures provides the opportunity, guidance and support for you to build the foundation for such an adventure.  We offer the tools you need to recognize your inner certainty of purpose so that everyday is met with hope and fulfillment.


Do you have an environment that allows you express who you are?

Most of us have a dream, goal or a direction for our lives.

What’s yours?

We help you set your goals, establish where you are, recognize your resources, and build a healthy plan of action in order for you to reach your destination.

Courses offered;



Inner-relational development


Communication development

Relational Tai Chi

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