It has been said that marriage is a give and take relationship.  You know, a relationship where each party gives 50% and receives 50%.  I could not disagree more.  A marriage is the most giving relationship you can ever experience. It is more like each of you giving one hundred percent when ever possible.  When we truly learn to give without an expectation of receiving than we are able to truly experience a love filled marriage.  I know this way of investing in a relationship is not taught in your typical life management skills class or for some of us this has never been taught nor seen at all.  Learning how to invest and communicate with each other in all areas of marriage is the adventure. With Starfish you will learn your true self-worth while learning to value, affirm and encourage one another. Loving each other unconditionally sounds simple, but learning to truly love yourself and your spouse takes intention, time, and effort. Make this relationship the most successful adventure of your life.

Courses offered:

Communication Development.


Relational Tai Chi

Making A Good Marriage Great

Communication Building Adventures

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